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Charmaine Tam

Principal Physiotherapist

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (HKPU)  | MSportsPhysio (Curtin) 

Diploma in Acupuncture for Physiotherapist

Charmaine obtained her Physiotherapy degree in 2003 and completed her Master of Sports Physiotherapy (Australia) in 2007, before joining the Hong Kong Sports Institute. There she was appointed the Team Physiotherapist to work with professional athletes and travelled extensively with them for various international events. She has also worked as a Principal Physiotherapist in a private clinic in Hong Kong for 13 years before relocating to Singapore.

Being a former amateur Thai boxing champion, Charmaine understands how an injury can disrupt one’s training. She emphasizes injury prevention through analyzing human movement, identifying the weakness/restriction and correcting them. A combination of manual techniques, trigger-point needling and exercise-based approach such as clinical pilates are incorporated into her practice. Her primary goal is for her patients to achieve an enhanced body recovery so as to ensure a safe and early return back to training/sports.

Her expertise is not only limited to sportsmen but also those with chronic aches or recurring dysfunction. “Do not underestimate the impact of previous injury or scar…”. Charmaine believes each body part connects closely to each other, and certain areas over-compensate from an old injury or surgery which causes aches, pain or even muscle imbalance. With her knowledge of NKT and P-DTR, Charmaine aims to treat the root of the problem by identifying the underlying restriction and facilitating the human body’s natural mechanism to heal and regain function by itself.

Her greatest joy of being a Physiotherapist is to witness her patients recover wholesomely, return to previous activities and improved overall quality of life.

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