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Teo Seow Yee

Principal Physiotherapist

MSc Pain Management (UK)  |  BSc Physiotherapy (AUS)  | 

Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation (CERT.)  |

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT, USA)

​Seow Yee is an Australian and UK trained Physiotherapist. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy from Curtin University, Australia, in 2008. In 2012, she received the MOH Healthcare Manpower Development Program Award to pursue Masters of Science in Pain Management at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom).


Seow Yee has over 10 years of clinical experience, with experiences in orthopedics and chronic pain rehabilitation. She has worked closely with the multi-disciplinary team in Pain Management clinic (TTSH) and assisted the team to run a cognitive-behavioural based pain management program for patients suffering from complex chronic pain conditions.

She is passionate about working closely with her patients to help improve their mobility with exercises. With this interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, she went on to complete her training and certification in Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Series for Rehabilitation in Texas (USA) in 2018. Polestar Pilates is a rehabilitative training program that applies current research and practice in orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science to the principles originated by Joseph Pilates. In 2019, she received her Pilates Method Alliance (USA) Certification. Since then, she has been incorporating her Pilates knowledge in helping individuals with specific rehabilitation needs. She hopes to use her Pilates training to assist patients in developing body awareness, strength, and core stability, in a safe and effective manner.

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