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Seah Wei Wei

Principal Physiotherapist

MSci Physiotherapy (U.K.) | MPhty (Neurological) (Aust.)

Wei Wei is a trained vestibular rehabilitation therapist with more than 15 years experience in treating patients with vestibular, neurological and balance-related disorders. She graduated from King’s College London in 2002, and was awarded her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2006 from the University of Queensland, Australia, specializing in Neurological rehabilitation. 

Wei Wei started her physiotherapy career at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where she developed a deep interest in treating and managing patients with dizziness and imbalance disorders. In 2008, she successfully completed training in basic competencies in vestibular rehabilitation at Emory University, and has continued to further her training in advanced vestibular rehabilitation techniques since. Wei Wei has presented at both local and international conferences on outcomes in physiotherapy management of BPPV. 

In addition to working with patients, Wei Wei is also passionate about clinical education. She regularly mentors and conducts training for physiotherapists and medical doctors in the area of neurological and Vestibular Rehabilitation. She was awarded the NHG Teaching Award for Allied Health Educators and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital  Clinical Educator Award (Honor Roll), and was a recipient of the National Day Award (Efficiency Medal) in 2019. 

Wei Wei is currently an associate faculty at the Singapore Institute of Technology and continues to mentor while also providing home therapy services to neurological and elderly patients to facilitate their recovery in the familiarity of their homes and communities.

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Seah Wei Wei
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